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DSN design Inc.
房屋加建,室内改造,商业用途unit 设计及申请

DSN Design offers residential and light commercial planning and design for prospective homeowners and contractors with well designed and reasonably priced construction documents for custom homes, tract housing, multi-family housing, remodels, and additions.

专业提供房屋加建,室内改造,地下室apartment, garden suite,商业用途的unit 设计及申请政府building permit. 投资咨询服务。提供买房前需要了解特定地产的zoning 及允许可建房子规模的咨询。

近二十年经验,熟悉多伦多zoning, Ontario Building code. 有BCIN 资质,注册结构工程师和HVAC 工程师。服务于多伦多地区

 616-259-5261  info@dsndesign.net   黄页信息

建筑设计 GTA Area(大多伦多地区)

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